Land Ahoy! NESMaker Byte-Off IV

Land Ahoy!

There once was a lass who ruled the seas,

She found sailing came with too great of ease.

Yearning for a challenging new frontier,

She put wheels on her boat and left the pier.

Having traded the ocean for sand,

Now she’s a pirate of the land!

Land Ahoy! NESMaker Byte-Off IV

Check out “Land Ahoy!”, a new game demo that I helped to make for this year’s NESMaker Byte-Off IV competition!

Play as the pirate Susanna the Fair as she attacks and pillages anyone who stands in her way across the land, Including the Nasty Pirate Blowbeard, the feared pirate of the sky! Prove once and for all what is best, Sea, Air, or Land!


In this game you are tasked with sailing your ship across the land while smashing everything in your path. You can leave your ship at any time to fight enemies and steal their treasures, then carry those treasures back to the ship. but whatever you do, don’t fall on the ground!

The Creators:

Featuring the amazing art and character design of Alan Caudel AKA DummyDuck that takes full advantage of everything the NES is capable of.

Music and SFX by Logan E Schad AKA Logana that really adds a swinging swashbuckling energy to the gameplay.

Coding /Game concept By Brad Hammond AKA SciNEStist, cramming as much fun and adventure as possible into this demo.

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