"There is no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people!"
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DR. BRAIN loves to hear your questions!!
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Adrianna Pedraza

Let's see... it's pretty hard to get things out of glass that's been melted, so obviously it won't just slip out. You're probably going to have to just break the glass open. I'd suggest breaking it over your head! Just hope you don't smash the candle inside. ...Inside the glass I mean. Not inside your head. I mean I didn't think you had a candle inside your head or something, unless you're like a human jack-o-lantern... Umm... Hey, I just got an idea... Dr. Brain has to go now! BYE! Happy Haloween! (ps. just in case you actually mean the candle was melted in the glass, dr. brain heard someone say try putting it in the freezer and it will pop out. I think it was Martha Stewart. Yes, now I remember, someone said try putting Martha Stewart in the freezer, and she will pop out of glass.)

"you suck!"

Love, Dr. Brain

"Dr.Brain I Have a riddle for you can you figure this one out. I own two time pieces. they both serve a special purpose, for one has the least number of parts, while at the same time the other time piece has the most number of parts. tell me the two in that order. I can't figure this one out. Please Help ASAP."

Hmm... Dr. Brain says that the timepiece with the least amount of parts would be like a sundial. That could be made out of like a stick or something. I mean, you can't get much less than that. The one with the most parts? I think that would be the US Naval Observatory's Master Clock which operates on an electrical oscillator regulated by the natural vibration frequencies of an atomic system (as a beam of cesium atoms). That's a little more than just a stick. So there you go, I solved the riddle for you. That wasn't a very funny riddle though. I don't get it... Thanks for writing!

"dear dr. brain, who are you? no really, you must to have hands to type these answers out and eyes to read them with, therefor you must be a full body as well as a brain, i wonder who you are, when i imagine who you are, i see a short skinny guy with bad acne and thick glasses who's wearing a star trek T-shirt that's about 3 sizes too big for him. you don't sound very smart to me, your answers are all about dominating the world and you never really answer anyone's questions intelligently. i assume that you have no life."

Hmm... "therefor"? It's called a "silent E" not an "invisible E". Okay, I admit, typing's not easy when you've got no hands or arms. I just smash myself against the keyboard until I get it close enough to what I was trying to say. As far as glasses, Dr. Brain needs no glasses, because he has no eyes. Instead, I've got neurons and synapses. If I had eyes, I would be crying because of your letter.

"when where baloons invented. Thank You,"

Dr. Brain invented baloons a few weeks ago. This may sound odd to you but listen, it's true. I invented baloons yesterday, and then went back in time and gave them to some guy. When I got back to the present, I found out he claimed that he invented them. Then I tried to go back to the past again, but then I saw myself, and then I went to the Under the Sea dance and sang Johnny B. Good. Then... umm. what were you asking? Oh. 1492. There you go.

"What is the name of the phobia relating to fear of baloons?"

I actually looked this one up. Not that I needed to... I already knew the answer... but I couldn't remember what it was though... I couldn't actually find anything specifically about fear of ballons though. It was more like fear of loud things... like when baloons pop or something. But fear of things popping sounded too vague... like would that include the fear of Pop-Tarts? they go "pop"... Who's scared of Pop-Tarts y'know? Um... Ligyrophobia- Fear of loud noises. that's what that is.

"What is the function of the human medula oblongata? Thank you"
Um... it is the part of the brain that causes you to feel like you're... wait, no. It's the part that does reflexes and stuff... like the rate of your heartbeat and breathing. Dr. Brain wouldn't really need that too much would he? Because he is just a brain. You know... no lungs or heart or whatever. Therefore I will lease that space out to control "being evil". That's what I do best... No go away!

"Why is it when turtles eat waffles, the fire hydrant population becomes agitated and begin to walk to the wrinkles on Walnut City?"

What is wrong with you??

"Dr. Brain, After inhailing helium form several baloons my throat hurts. Have i damaged my voice box? Is helium bad for people to inhail?"

Of course not. Inhaling helium is the secret of how to fly. Most doctors will tell you not to... they just don't want you to know their secret to flying. It is Dr. Brain's reccomendation you inhale more helium ballons, and if you feel dizzy or collapse into a ball on the floor, don't worry. That just means you're about to fly away. you will be like a little bird. You can sing that song by Nelly Furtado about flying and birds and stuff... Or... even better, you can fly somewhere, and say "I just flew in, and boy is my throat sore!!" HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Funny brain...

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