DUMMYDUCK.com – Introducing the Characters!!!


Dummy Duck


He loves to help, but he often gets in over his head. 
His favorite thing in the world is corn!



Dummy’s best friend. Kind and generous. He might not always know how to fix a problem, but he’ll try to make you feel better.


Lil’ Red

He thinks he knows it all. He might find a quick fix to a problem, but often at an inconvenience to someone else (not that he minds!) 

 Astro Chicken


Mysterious Chicken from the future. There’s danger in the air, and Astro Chicken won’t rest until the mystery is solved.



She’s a super nice dog who is the new manager of Beastro’s cafe.



Beastro is the owner of a coffee house. Beastro is big and loud and speaks French, which only Bichon seems to understand.



Watch video of the robot running through the city!

He’s a giant robot who smashes everything. Ain’t no stoppin’ him.

Doctor Brain


Watch Dr. Brain sing a song!

He’s an evil floating brain.

What is his master plan?

  The Hunter

Rarely seen. But if he sees a duck, you better watch out. Got it????????