DUMMYDUCK.com – Introducing the Characters!!!

Dummy Duck

Has a CAN-DO attitude. (He’s too dumb to know he can’t!)

Favorite food: Corn.


Dummy’s best friend. Kind and generous. He loves waffles.

Lil’ Red

He a tomato. He’s 2 cool 4 U. He’s Dummy’s “frienemy”.
 Astro Chicken

Mysterious Chicken from the future.


She’s a super nice dog who is the new manager of Beastro’s cafe.


Beastro is the owner of a coffee house. Beastro is big and loud and speaks French, which only Bichon seems to understand.


Watch video of the robot running through the city!

He’s a giant robot who smashes everything. Ain’t no stoppin’ him.

Doctor Brain

Watch Dr. Brain sing a song!

He’s an evil floating brain.

What is his master plan?

The Hunter

Rarely seen. But if he sees a duck, you better watch out. Got it????????