DUMMYDUCK.com – Introducing the Characters!!!

The Good Guys:
Dummy Duck, Lil’ Red and Foo-Foo
They’re all right once you get to know them.

Dummy Duck

He’s a Duck who’s really dumb!


He’s a dog. He just barks.

Lil’ Red

He a tomato. He’s 2 cool 4 U.

Doctor Brain

Watch Dr. Brain sing a song!

He’s an evil floating brain.


He runs a coffee house. He’s big and loud and only speaks broken french.


She’s a dog. She’s super nice.

The Hunter

If he sees a duck, watch out.


Watch video of the robot running through the city!

He’s a giant robot who smashes everything. Ain’t no stoppin’ him.

Astro Chicken

Mysterious chicken of the future.